Thursday, 28 November 2013

What Not to Forget Doing Every Morning

Most people are “programmed” to do a certain routine every day. It seems that if you have been doing something for several months already, you will also be able to do it routinely without forgetting the littlest detail. In fact, you will immediately notice anything that is amiss.

So if you are in the process of building your routine and you want to make it right for the next years of your life, here are some things that you should not forget to incorporate:

•    Brushing teeth. This may sound funny but if you are in a hurry, there’s a tendency that you will completely forget about this. So even if you are in such a hurry, try to brush your teeth.

•    Combing hair. Sometimes, you may also to forget combing your hair whenever you feel that you don’t have enough time and are already running late. So it is best that at least, to hang a mirror at the wall right at the door, so that you won’t fail to catch a glimpse of your reflection and remember to comb your hair.

•    Spray perfume. Yes, if you are one busy guy or gal and will be doing a lot of running around, a dab or spray of perfume, like a Jimmy Choo perfume, will certainly keep you fresh all day.

•    Bring necessary gadgets. And, since your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, is one of the most important things to bring every day. Do not forget them. You surely don’t want to find yourself turning back home because you forgot these things.

Every day, try not to forget these things. By doing them on a daily basis, you will certainly have a good routine that you can follow for years.

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