Thursday, 7 November 2013

Equip Yourself Well and Bag that Interview

Do you consider job interviews as one of the most challenging things that you have ever done and will about to do? If you belong to any of these groups, most especially the latter, you might consider the following tips:

1.    Determine your strengths and weaknesses. Many interviewers always ask applicants what their strengths and weaknesses are. In fact, this question is regarded as the make or break question where interviewers will be able to see whether you are fit for the job or not. He will likewise determine if you can be a valuable asset to the company or not.

2.    Know the company. Interviewers love to ask “Why us? Why work here?” A knowledge on the company’s background can help you provide a good and endearing answer to the interviewer. Use this opportunity to make the interviewer see how you can indeed help their company become the best there is.

3.    Be in your best business attire. This does not mean that you will be wearing designer’s clothing. This just means that you dress smartly, properly suited for the occasion. Look for office outfit that fits you well. Choose neutral colors. Go for black, white, gray, beige, brown, or cream. Avoid flashy and similar colors.

Before leaving the house, make sure that you have prepared and brought everything that you need for the interview. Don’t forget to put on the Michael Kors perfume that you have recently bought. Make sure that you impress the interviewer so much that he won’t have any second thoughts about hiring you.

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