Wednesday, 31 July 2013

On Perfume, Its Perception, and the Issue of Price

Perfume is often thought of to be an item of luxury, one that fits most perfectly along with only the finest clothes and only the most stylish of individuals. There are many reasons for why perfume is perceived this way, from the fancy French words that are often featured across the front of the bottle or maybe even the exotic collection of ingredients that seem as though it could only come at the expense of thousands of dollars, it’s quite easy to see why a bottle of perfume can indeed be so well associated with refinement, luxury, and elegance. Being so easily associable with the finer things in life also translates to a particular perception with regards to perfume being developed by people. Since they see it as this item of utter refinement, they may not even be compelled to even bother looking at what they may assume to be a very high paycheck, but that is not exactly a universal truth. The savvier shoppers know all too well that there are indeed examples of discount perfume that are out on the market.

It’s easy to get intimidated by the look of the classic perfume bottle, at least as it may relate to cost. There is nothing about that container that says that it comes cheap, and almost everything about that almost compels shoppers to pay through the nose just to get it. Those fancy perfume boxes aren’t helping either, but this again is a misconception that people have begun to develop with regards to perfume. They start to view perfume through this prism of what something expensive should look like and they become utterly incapable of seeing a great deal even when it springs up and smacks them square in the face. It’s a perception of the product that can affect its overall sales figures and one that is causing the providers of online perfumes to change the way that they are marketing their offerings.

The goal for many of the providers of online perfumes is to create a new perception of their product, but not in an extreme way that it now more closely resembles an item that lacks refinement in any way. Instead, what they are working towards is to create an image of the perfume that perfectly balances these two conceptions of it. They want to make it so that people understand that this product does not present exorbitant cost, but that it still is an item that embodies class and elegance.

A discount perfume may be an item that was unheard of in the past, but times have changed and so too has this notion that there are no inexpensive yet good perfumes that are out there on the market. People just need to take a quick look around and they will indeed see all the many perfumes that do indeed deliver on quality while still being offered at a cost that is far from being prohibitive. For those seeking a sensible purchase, perfume may very well be that item.

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