Monday, 27 May 2013

Top Tips on How Men Should Choose Which Perfume to Wear

If you think that only women have the license to wear designer perfume, think again. These days, there’s absolutely no excuse for men to look sloppy even if they have no idea about the latest trends in fashion like women do. By knowing how to put together a decent ensemble for the office, or which shirt to appropriately wear during specific occasions, you can always look your best. Looking good extends to smelling great as well, so make sure to choose a scent which perfectly complements your body chemistry.

How Men Can Choose which Perfume to Wear

Now, how can men choose which perfume to wear? Take a look at the following tips:
•    Decide on the concentration of the scent that you will wear.
There are many factors which affect the way that a particular scent smells on the body. Let’s focus on concentration, which is the percentage of perfume relative to water that determines how scents are classified.

Here is a quick look at the options that you can choose from:
-    Wearing Parfum or pure perfume means that the scent is at its strongest concentration. The alcohol-to-water content for these scents is between 18% and 40%. Perfumes contain a combination of essential oils, alcohol and pure fragrance. Once sprayed or placed on the pulse points of the body, the scent can last for six to eight hours, even when used sparingly.
-    If you find perfumes to be very strong-smelling, your next best option is to wear Eau de Parfum. This has a concentration of 10% to 18%, and is usually in sprayed liquid form. Good quality Eau de Parfums can last up to seven hours on your body.
-    Next, there’s Eau de Toilette which has a 14% concentration and contains a lesser amount of essential oils. When applied, this can last on your body for up to six hours.
-    Eau de Colognes, which often take the form of aftershaves, have a concentration of only 5% and lasts for about a couple of hours on the body.

•    Make sure that the scent reacts well with your body chemistry.
Just because your drinking buddy makes women swoon with a particular type of fragrance that he wears does not mean that it will smell great on you, too. Each person has a different body chemistry, so you have to test out the scent first before investing on bottles of pricey Parfum or Eau de Parfum.

•    Once you have chosen a scent that perfectly suits you, purchase them online.
There are many fragrance categories that you can choose from including green, water, citrus, oriental, woody oriental, mossy, dry woods or even floral. After deciding which among these scents perfectly suit your body chemistry, you can buy online perfume to save on costs. There are stores like where you can buy cheap mens fragrance but without compromising on the quality of scents that you can get.

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